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Jordan Brand's Wade Dunk Over Varejao Deemed Top Flight Meter Highlight

We've been following a series of Jordan Brand athletes' top plays over at the SB Nation homepage, and we've got a winner.

Yep, perhaps to no surprise it's the Miami Heat's Dwyane's Wade crushing it on Cleveland Cavalier Anderson Varejao:

So 15 clips narrowed down to one final winner thanks to your voting, and hard for me to disagree with the end result.

In fact, this one would rank amongst the nastiest dunks of all time in books, up there with the likes of Jordan on Ewing, Griffin on Perkins...oh hell, it's Friday night, let's go to three of my faves starting with...

Mr. John Starks on Michael Jordan.


Bonus style points go to one of my favourite players of all time, Shawn Kemp, and his classic dunk on Alton Lister:

And my favourite Statue of Liberty dunk ever:

It's maybe not the nastiest throw-down of all time, but something about it being on Josh Smith's head...