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Lunchbox Links - Bargnani Returns, Trade Rumours, and No Raptors on Sportsguy's Trade Value Column?

Some quick links on this Friday as the Raptors have the night off.

We'll start with the DInos though, and the man of mystery, who is slated to return this weekend. Eric Koreen of the National Post talks to the Raptors' director of sports science, Alex McKechnie, about his rehab, in a great piece that examines why this rehab has taken so long.

(Tanking jokes not included.)

Keeping on the Raptors' front, it's only Part I, but it seems unlikely that Bill Simmons, The Sportsguy, is going to have any members of the DInos in his annual trade value column. Last year he had Andrea Bargnani and DeMar DeRozan just missing the cut, but this year, only Bargs appears as a sidenote honourable mention.

Is Jose Calderon still a possibility in terms of Raptors' potentially dealt by next week's trade deadline?

I wouldn't be on it but a recent piece on trade value notes that with his value so high, Jose would be a perfect piece for the Raps to move.

SB Nation agrees in their take on Toronto's trade situation leading up to deal deadline day.

Outside of trades, the Raps continue to scout the college ranks for help come the fall. Ray and I participated in voting for end-of-season college awards over at the HoopsManifesto and many of the players we highlighted, will likely be the same ones Toronto is considering come June.

And finally, we'll leave you on this Friday with some er...light reading.'s Zach Lowe uses advanced stats to look at who the league's fastest point guard really is, while Hardwood Paroxysm breaks down PER, or Player Efficiency Rating