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TiqIQ Upcoming Toronto Raptors Ticket Deals!

This is a sponsored post brought to you by SB Nation's ticket partner, TiqIQ:

With the average home ticket price for Raptors games at $149, there are some very good ticket deals at hand for upcoming Raptors games, including:
- 3/11 vs Bucks: Get in for only $10
- 3/12 vs Bulls: Get in for $32
- 3/23 vs Knicks: Get in for $79
- 3/26 vs Magic: Get in for $13
- 3/28 vs Nuggets: Get in for $11

The best deals on Raptors tickets are right within RaptorsHQ, here:


The Knicks' match is a bit higher thanks to Linsanity, but some great potential deals if you're looking to take in a game.

(And considering the Raps' are in the bottom third of league attendance presently, maybe not a surprise.)

Also worth noting aside from ticket prices, a tough stretch of home games coming up, with maybe the exception of the Bucks' face-off, which makes upcoming matches against Cleveland, New Jersey and Charlotte all very interesting, both from a "potential wins" and "tank" standpoint.