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Raptors Get Revenge on Rockets, Pummel Houston 116 to 98 (Rapid Recap)

-Payback is a dish best served coooold. Or hot, as in the offensive performance of the Toronto Raptors tonight. The Dinos shot nearly 60 per cent from the field, keeping their collective feet fairly steady on the gas pedal in a 116 to 98 win.

-After a back-and-forth first quarter that ended with the clubs knotted at 28, Toronto poured gas on their offensive fire, blowing out the Rockets 30 to 18 in the second quarter, and while Houston gave the Raps a run to start the second half, Toronto reapplied the pressure and finished this one pretty easily.

-Stars for the Raps? We'll start with DeMar DeRozan, who dropped another 23 point performance on an opponent, and this time did so fairly efficiently, hitting 8 of 16, and 7 of 8 from the line. However he got a 17 point 12 assist boost from backcourt mate Jose Calderon, who torched Kyle Lowry, and a big 34 combined points off the pine from Leandro Barbosa and Linas Kleiza. Kleiza in particular was huge in keeping Houston at bay.

-The funny thing is, the final score looks a lot closer than this one actually was because without Toronto's foul issues, this would have been a true laugher. The Rockets shot a measly 41 per cent from the field, but thanks to a ridiculous 44 free-throws (of which they hit 37) Houston was able to keep within striking distance.

-But in the end it wasn't enough as the Raps' energy and aggression carried them to victory. Houston on the other hand looked tired coming off of last night's overtime loss to the Celtics, and just couldn't put it all together.

-A solid win for the Raps and a true cohesive team effort, albeit not one that gets them any closer to Anthony Davis.