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RaptorsHQ Rapid Recap - Toronto Raptors 83 - Golden State Warriors 75

-Yes, the game is over and that's the final score. The Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors tonight, scoring only 83 points, a total that might not have gotten them a lead in the third quarter when these teams played in the past. Thankfully Dwane Casey is the new sheriff in town, and his club limited G-State to only 75 points, meaning...yes, an 83 to 75 win for Toronto.

-It wasn't just Casey's D though that got this W. The Raps used dominant rebounding performances from James Johnson, Ed Davis and Amir Johnson to get their club second-chance opportunities on O, and prevent the Warriors from getting second looks themselves offensively. The trio combined for 37 of the team's 51 rebounds, which nearly equaled the entire output on the glass from G-State.

-Other factors in this win? How about the Warriors missing scoring stud Seth Curry, Monta Ellis hitting eight of 22 shots, and Nate Robinson playing 27 minutes, many down the stretch. Seriously, I like Nate and all, but he was 2 of 12 on the night and yet kept firing them up. These factors were big considering the Raps hardly lit it up from the field, shooting 37 per cent on the night.

-Not to be left off this recap is Mr. DeMar DeRozan, who had one of his best all-around efforts in a while. He didn't dominate, but efficiently kept the Raps in the game in the first half when Toronto first trailed, and then helped them seal the win, their sixth of the season at home. He finished the match with 25 points, four assists and three rebounds all the while hitting over 50 per cent of his shot attempts.

-No time to celebrate win number 12 on the season though as the Raps take on the Orlando Magic tomorrow night in what promises to be a much more challenging affair.

-Well...unless Orlando somehow acquires Nate Robinson in the next 12 hours...