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RaptorsHQ TV - Previewing Tonight's Final Four Action

It's Final Four time and RaptorsHQ is pumped.


Well besides the fact that we've got some great potential match-ups this evening, from a Raptors' fan's perspective, there are also quite a few top prospects still participating in the tourney, something that isn't always the case of course.

Kentucky boasts a whole bevy of potential future NBAers, but Kansas and Ohio State have their share as well, and Louisville's all-around team play, not to mention the Rick Pitino factor, make for what could be two great sets of games.

To take a look at the upcoming action, Franchise and Sasha Kalra are at it again, previewing the forthcoming games in terms of players and match-ups, they're focusing in on, particularly from yes, the perspective of Raptors fans awaiting what could be a very nice draft lottery haul.

As usual, give us your take on who you're looking at this evening, and any other feedback on our continued RaptorsHQ video series: