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Kyle Wiltjer and Kentucky Are On Today in the NC-Double-Eh Tournament Schedule

Today we have the last remaining Canadian playing and though he may not get many minutes, Kyle Wiltjer and Kentucky are playing for a possible chance at the 'chip Monday ...

Here is where the men are playing today ...


6:09pm Louisville vs. Kentucky

So here is one of the last three basketball games of the NC-Double-Eh Season and it's the first time in a long time that we're mentioning Kyle Wiltjer. Yes he is a member of the Kentucky Wildcats but with the many talented players on this team, he's been overlooked and under utilized to say the least. He's the last remaining Canadian in the Tournament and deserves a mention now. He's been relegated to blowout minutes for the most part of the season but I'm sure he's not really one to mind if the end result equals a national title. The good news is that he's averaging a triple in his last three games off the bench and he's a perfect 3-of-3 in that span. To be honest, the way Louisville has been playing in their run through the Big Dance, it will be very unlikely Wiltjer will be playing a large amount of minutes but if he does step on the floor, I would expect at least a shot from three to keep his streak alive in this game.