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Raptors Waiving Rasual Butler?

According to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, the Toronto Raptors have agreed to waive forward Rasual Butler.

Wojnarowski tweeted the following a few minutes ago:

Toronto has agreed to waive Rasual Butler, allowing him join a team for the playoffs, agent Andy Miller tells Y! Sports.


So if true, this puts the Raptors' roster at 12 I believe, and with various players still banged up from previous injuries, there's suddenly not a lot of depth. Could Colangelo be looking to bring on a few free agents or D Leaguers for the final part of the season? Maybe a bit of a Patrick O'Bryant-ish audition? We saw teams go this route today already with announcements that Boris Diaw was joining the Spurs and Kelenna Azubuike with the Dallas Mavericks.

Or perhaps this again, is simply a favour to Butler's agent, Andy Miller, who's list of NBA clients, including the Raptors' own Aaron Gray, is quite extensive. Perhaps a preemptive strike for the upcoming free-agent and draft period?

One thing that's for certain is that the team will hardly miss his "contributions." (Unless we're talking about him potentially helping the team increase their "Anthony Davis" odds. With the club this year he shot 31 per cent from the field, and 27 per cent from long range.