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Lunchbox Links - Knicks vs Raptors, Andrea's Struggles, MKG in the Draft and More

Kicking off this Friday's edition of Lunch Box Links with a look at tonight's match-up versus the Knicks. SB Nation takes a look from the Knicks' side of things, while Raptors Republic gives their take from the Dinos' lottery-bound perspective.

So what exactly is Mike Woodson doing that's made the Knicks so successful since he took over? Improved offensive efficiency for one and as Posting and Toasting, SB Nation's Knicks blog notes, this has a lot to do with the much slower pace the 'Bockers are playing at.

From Toronto, if the club is looking to get this W, there's one player that really needs to dominate tonight, and that's Andrea Bargnani. He's been essentially invisible of late, and not only because he was rocking one of those hideous camouflage jerseys Wednesday night.

Also, maybe DeMar DeRozan, recently profiled in Dime Magazine, shouldn't take 20 plus shots. In a crazy stat from Hickory High, the Raptors have yet to win a game this season when DeRozan shoots that much.

The club could also use another strong game from James Johnson. He was pretty good Wednesday night against his former club, but really struggled in the club's match-up with New York earlier this week.

Finally, a couple draft notes regarding the Raptors. First, Draftexpress gives their full scouting report on UCONN big man Andre Drummond, a player who may be drafted around where the Raptors are slated to pick.

Second, the National Post's Eric Koreen talks to current Raptor Ed Davis, about fellow UNC alum Harrison Barnes,a player many Raptors fans hope ends up in TO come July.

And third, and most important, it sounds like it's official. Kentucky's Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is not returning to college next season. Of course should Kentucky flame out early, who knows. Both MKG and Anthony Davis seem to love the college life and with their competitiveness, we may see a similar scenario as the 2005-06 Florida Gators, who decided to all return to school to compete for another title.

For Raptors fans though, MKG's potential inclusion in the draft is huge. He fits both a need for the team and gives the club a top talent, something that's not always common in the lottery. He along with Bradley Beal remain our top two choices after Anthony Davis, so having all three available, and the Raptors with about a 10 per cent chance to jump into a top three spot, is huge.