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Game Day Thread: Raptors vs Bulls - No Rose, No Difference?

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March 21, 2012
Sportsnet - 7:00 PM EST

So last night wasn't that fun was it.

Sure, losses help the overall cause, but getting crushed in New York, seeing Jerryd Bayless go down with potentially an injury, and witnessing Andrea Bargnani continue to fire up bricks?

Not so much.

The good news is Bayless is back and will play tonight so last night's injury doesn't appear to have been very serious. Also, the Chicago Bulls, Toronto's opponent back home this evening, will again be without the services of last year's NBA MVP, Derrick Rose.

But will it make a difference?

As we noted in our Lunch Box Links today, his replacement John Lucas III has been playing some pretty good basketball and the rest of the club simply locks opposing teams down. So even without Rose, the Raptors could still be in for a world of hurt tonight, especially if guys like Amir and Andrea continue to struggle.

We didn't preview this match this AM and really, is their a need? From here on out the Raps need losses. Good, hard-fought losses that continue to showcase the development of guys like Ed Davis, but yes, losses nonetheless.