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Raptors Crushed in New York by Knicks, 106 - 87 (RHQ Rapid Recap)

-The Toronto Raptors faced off against the New York Knicks tonight, hoping to get a nice boost from the return of staring point guard Jose Calderon. What they got however, was a genuine ass-kicking at the hands of the Knicks, who beat Toronto in every quarter, finishing with nearly a 20 point win when all was said and done, 106 to 87.

-Where to start. Well, let's go with the man of the hour, Jose, who was ok in his return, posting 11 points and 9 assists, but he didn't look like his usual self, and was repeatedly victimized on D, resulting in a team-high minus 22 on the night. Andrea Bargnani, another player trying to regain his form, was even worse scoring 15 points, but taking 15 shots to get them and even more egregiously, grabbing only two measly rebounds.

-Considering one of the main reasons Toronto lost this game was due to terrible work in the paint (they were out-rebounded 46 to 30, most importantly, 16 to 4 on the offensive glass), it's pretty tough to see that number two and simply say "well, he's still getting his legs back." But this wasn't just Bargs having issues keeping New York's bigs away from the rim. Outside of Ed Davis, Toronto's leading rebounder was DeMar DeRozan...with 5.

-DeRozan was Toronto's best player on the night, scoring a fairly efficient 17 points. But his defence was atrocious at times so really, this was one of those games where it's pretty hard to commend any individual player too much.

-It was also a game that saw Jerryd Bayless, fresh off some recent exceptional play as the team's starting point guard, go down with an injury. It appears to be just a hip pointer, and he's likely fine, but he did leave the game early and considering the Raps need to turn around and play Chicago back in TO in 24 hours, we might see Jerryd sit a game or two.

-And that's right, nothing like finishing off a dud performance like this, then turning around to face the best team in the league, even without Derrick Rose potential. The tank rolls on!