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Calderon, Bayless and More As RHQ Previews the Week Ahead for the Toronto Raptors

Morning all!

The Toronto Raptors kick off a strange week of games tonight with a match-up in New York against the Knicks, then turns around, heads back to TO to face the Chicago Bulls, before playing the same two teams again, but in opposite in terms of home and away, Friday and Saturday.


To preview the action we've got the first in what will likely be a weekly look at the Raptors via video, hosted by our RaptorsHQ team.

This week we've Sasha and I breaking things down, and as usual, we've got the game-day preview up a bit later this AM. Big topics include the strange back-and-forth schedule, the return of Jose Calderon, what to make of Jerryd Bayless' recent play, and the continued rehab of Andrea Bargnani.

Take a look and as always, give us your feedback on anything you'd like to see us post, discuss, or cover!