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Talking Barbosa Trade with Indy Cornrows

The Leandro Barbosa trade was signed, sealed and delivered by last Thursday evening and from the results of our poll on the topic, it seems like the majority of fans were at least content with the move. 72 per cent either loved or were fine with the move, and I think we're all quite aware of why the trade made sense.

Well, at least from a Dinos' standpoint.

But what about the Pacers?

To get that side of the story, we thought we'd reach out to SB Nation's Indiana Pacers blog, Indy Cornrows:

1) RaptorsHQ: What are your thoughts on this deal from a Pacers' perspective?

Indy Cornrows: Considering the low cost, Barbosa fills a need the Pacers have had in several games this season. There have been times when the second unit has ground to a halt offensively. Some of that was due to George Hill being injured, but adding a players that can come in a make a few buckets, if needed will be a nice option to have on the bench. Plus, adding another veteran presence to the mix will help.The core lineup is still pretty young and the addition of David West has been huge simply because of his experienced voice in the locker room. Having another guy who has been in big games and knows how to compete will be a bonus. Another thing Barbosa brings is a little competition for playing time to help the guards keep their edge knowing if they don't have it on a particular night, Barbosa is ready and waiting to step in.

2) RHQ: Does this move put the club ahead of competitors like Orlando and Philly in your view?

IC: I think this move helps the Pacers keep pace with Orlando and Philly but not push them way ahead. If the current playing rotation plays like it has in the past two games, Barbosa's minutes and impact on the court won't be real big. But having him as an option when the offense goes into a funk, may help the Pacers maintain a consistent level of play against good teams. The Pacers' level of play can fall anywhere on a broad continuum between really good and bad so less bad is always a good thing.

3) RHQ: Any word on if Barbosa would sign with the Pacers long-term after this season? Would you want him to?

IC: The Pacers made this deal in part so they both add a scorer and maintain their cap space for this summer. Whether or not they bring back Barbosa will depend on how he fits for the remainder of the season, as well as what kind of deal he's looking for in his next contract. The good thing for Indiana is that Barbosa should be motivated to play well to set up his next dea, but I have a feeling he will eventually sign elsewhere.

4) RHQ: Bonus question - any interest in moving Paul George to us? ;)

IC: Not today. Check back in about 12 years.