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Game Day Thread: Barbosa-less Raptors take on Grizzlies

Raps_medium Memphis-grizzlies-logo2_medium

March 16, 2012

Sportsnet One - 8:00 PM EST

I'm gonna be honest. This one I'm going to have to catch on replay.

March Madness is in full swing (see Mizzou going down) and well...Duke is in tough against an underrated Lehigh team.

So while I'll be checking in periodically, most of my attention will be focussed on the NCAA action.

And maybe yours should to. Without Leandro Barbosa this one could get really ugly, as the Grizz have been one of the league's top teams the past few months. Toronto is going to have a tough time putting up points unless we see a new and improved version of DeMar DeRozan, in my opinion, and I'm worried that Memphis interior presence, especially since both Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay are expected to play tonight, are going to be way too much to overcome. is March Madness so maybe...