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Should Raptors Make Play for Terrence Williams?

This just makes too much sense doesn't it?

Based on a tweet from Jonathan Feigen, beat reporter for the Houston Chronicle, Terrence Williams has been waived by the Houston Rockets.

The Raptors of course, thanks to yesterday's moves, are a couple roster spots short of 15, with needs including depth at the guard positions off the bench, as well as back-up point guard help.

Williams, albeit a forward, averaged five assists per game in his senior season in college, and often played a "point forward" role for his club.

So doesn't it make sense for the Raps to take a shot at the former Louisville star?

At face value I think it does.

If you're Bryan Colangelo, searching for diamonds in the rough while maintaining salary cap flexibility, this could be one of those "small moves with big payoffs." There's no doubt the Cardinals' alum has talent, and the Raptors did consider him during the 2009 draft process, bringing him in for workouts. (Which as an aside, also led to my Twitter avatar.)

And in terms of cost, his contract pays him about $2.3M this season, which is pricey considering his production level, but it's the last year on his deal. The Raps could easily absorb that contract, take him for a test drive so to speak till season's end, and if it doesn't work, then no harm no foul to the overall cap situation.

However it's not completely a no-brainer here that BC goes out and signs Williams. First of all, there's a reason someone with his talent level hasn't stuck with a team or solidified a roster spot. You hear the rumours of immaturity and judging by the various comments at Rockets' blogs, this is more of a "good riddance" move for their club than anything else. While the Raps haven't won a ton of games, the culture has improved under Dwane Casey, both on and off the court, and signing someone of Wiliams' reputation could indeed put that in jeopardy.

(And really, if NBA lead advanced stats guru Darryl Morey couldn't find value in Wililams then...)

But I do think the possible pros here outweigh the cons and I'd be all for such a move. Williams has to understand that this is potentially his last shot, and with the Raptors holding the keys to a future contract (they'll have a team option on his deal), he needs to show and prove or else join other members of his draft class like Johnny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet...potentially in the NBA's D League next year.