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Game Day Thread: Tank-Off - 14-Win Raptors Face 14-Win Nets in Jersey

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March 14, 2012

Sportsnet One - 7:30 PM EST

Last night's attempt at tanking went horribly awry as the Raptors took it to the Cavs, winning the first of five games on their current road trip.

Let's hope tonight's attempt is a lot better.

Unfortunately, the Nets are without their top two players in Deron Williams (sore right calf/tanking) and Brook Lopez (knee/tanking) so getting that L is going to be extremely tough.

However Kris Humphries has eight double-doubles in his last 12 games, Marshon Brooks is continuing his stellar rookie season, Gerald Green has found new life in the NBA, and Anthony Morrow can light it up from anywhere.

So...I guess what I'm saying is there is hope.

And really, I get the feeling that with the trade deadline tomorrow, this match will take a backseat to whatever else is going on in NBA land, especially as it pertains to the Knicks and Mr. Indecision, Dwight Howard.