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Lunchbox Links - Cavs' Thoughts, Calderon's Injury, Trade Talk, March Madness and More!

As usual, we kick this edition of LBL off with a look back at last night's action. The Toronto Sun's Ryan Wolstat gives us his "Points per Game," while SBNation's Cavs' blog, "Fear the Sword," looks at why Cleveland should be focused on obtaining another top pick, not making the playoffs.

As well, we bring you our first video discussion via the recently relaunched RHQ Youtube channel, featuring Sasha and I giving a quick take on Jose Calderon's injury, which by the sounds of things, will have him out until next week at some point.

Moving on we head to trade talk. There's been zero of this on the Raptors side, something confirmed by Chris Sheridan of But that's not to say it's been quiet overall. Last night of course the Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors pulled off a pretty interesting deal, moving Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson to the Dubs for Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown.

Who wins the deal? I'd have to agree with's Zach Lowe that there are too many questions to be answered at this point, but I'm giving the edge to the Warriors if they manage to hold onto their lottery protected pick this year as a result of the moves.

Other rumours?

Well first there was some news that perhaps Carmelo Anthony's days with the Knicks were coming to a close, but he's since denied that he wants to be traded.

And of course, the annoying Dwight Howard rumours keep floating around, and will likely even after tomorrow's deadline, inspiring a great piece by SBNation's Mike Prada , who created the Dwight Howard Spite Trade Power Rankings. The Raptors appear at number 11 in a deal that would include Valanciunas!

Speaking of Val, a look at his story via The, and a comparison between Ricky Rubio's NBA explosion in the NBA to the potential similar rise to fame for Big Val, this article from

We'll continue overseas for our next link, Real GM talking with former/current Raptor, Sonny Weems, before heading to the NCAA where both Raptorblog and's Tim Chisholm take a look at prospects Raptors' fans should be keeping an eye on, here and here.

These are the same key guys we've been discussing for over a year now but for a full rundown of potential first-round picks and how the NBA apparently views them, take a look at this list via

And finally...well...I don't even know what to say about this.