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Lunchbox Links - Raptors Trade Deadline Talk, Power Rankings and March Madness Scouting!

A quick shot of LBL today, starting with some recaps from last night's loss to the Bucks via the Toronto Sun, and then the opponent's side of things, via Brewhoop.

The loss doesn't do much for the Dinos in terms of SB Nation's power rankings, where they remain cellar dwellers.

And while Andrea Bargnani's return could result in a power rankings boost over the next while, don't expect any help at the trade deadline, where it promises to be nice and quiet.

However as Sportsnet's Michael Grange points out, if the Raps had made some of these previous moves, perhaps they wouldn't be in the situation they currently find themselves in.

Nothing like a little revisionist history to start your week eh?

More importantly, last night was the NCAA's "Selection Sunday" which means March Madness, aka RaptorsHQ Christmas, is right around the corner. Check here for Draftexpress' full breakdown of prospects by region in the first round, and here for a take on which prospects to watch from a Wizards' fan's perspective.

Which is essentially like looking at things from a Raptors' fan's perspective too right?

And finally, an interesting link from on the most valuable college basketball teams. Their top choice may surprise you.