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Game Day Thread: Bargnani Returns as Raptors face Pistons

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March 10, 2012

TSN2 - 7:30 PM EST

So now things get interesting.

Andrea Bargnani returns tonight for the Toronto Raptors as they take on the Detroit Pistons.

His return will likely spawn a myriad of questions like:

"How will his reinsertion into the starting line-up impact DeMar DeRozan?"

"Should the Raptors have kept him on the shelf to ensure a top pick?"

"Can Andrea get back to the way he was playing through his first 13 games?"

"If he returns and struggles, does this impact his contract with Primo Pasta?"

Yep, there's lots at stake here tonight as the Dinos face the Pistons, not least of which is a higher lottery spot in the upcoming draft considering the teams have the exact same number of losses, and therefore are separated by one win.

Andrea's minutes will be monitored closely tonight since the Raps turn around and play the Bucks tomorrow night, but he could end up being the difference maker in this one.