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Toronto Raptors Trade Deadline Odds...and Ends...

Some interesting odds courtesy of

Will the Toronto Raptors make a trade on March 15th 2012?

Yes 3/2

No 1/2

Will the Toronto Raptors acquire Steve Nash during the 2011-2012 Regular Season?

Yes 8/1

Who will be the first GM to be replaced?

Brian Burke 2/1

Bryan Colangelo 1/3

So Burke on the hot seat, some odds on the Raps making a trade on the deadline and well, there's actually a question regarding Steve Nash heading to Toronto.

Any playoff odds?

Well the last time posted them they weren't exactly flattering so it's hard to see that things have changed much.

But for those non-tank fans, all hope is not lost regarding the NBA's "Big Dance." Looking at John Hollinger's playoff odds, he's actually got the Raps with a four per cent chance of making it and really, the sad thing is that the Dinos are only five games back of the eighth place Knicks and with Andrea coming back...