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RaptorsHQ Rapid Recap - Toronto Raptors 85 - Houston Rockets 88

- Oh, it was close, but it was far from beautiful. The Raptors managed to get back into the game after giving up a rather sizable lead to start the game. Each quarter, they made inroads against the Rockets, but just could never overcome "the hump"

- It wasn't pretty to start off with as the Rockets jumped out to a 12 point lead thanks to some efficient shooting and Kyle Lowry. Lowry would be a constant threat to the Raptors and finished with 26 points to lead all scorers

- Turnovers were what buried the Raptors in the first half and it wasn't until Jamaal Magloire entered the game that the Raptors seemed to "wake up".

- How about this for a lineup to finish with: James Johnson, Linas Kleiza, Leandro Barbossa, Amir Johnson, and Anthony Carter. With a lineup like that, you'd think there were massive injuries to the Raptors in this game.

- However, what it came down to it seems is defense. Dwane Casey went with his strongest defensive lineup and DeRozan could not look more dejected at the end of the game. His box score of 17 points on 6-14 shooting was not terrible, but when it came down to defense, Casey preferred putting James Johnson against Kevin Martin.

- James Johnson managed to harass Martin throughout and caused the Rockets Ace to shoot a terrible 3-15 for the night. Nevertheless, players like Chandler Parsons made hustle plays down the stretch and it was all over for the Raptors.