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RaptorsHQ Sunday Poll - Is the NBA Dunk Contest Dead?

Jeremy Evans jumps over comedian Kevin Hart.  Yawn...
Jeremy Evans jumps over comedian Kevin Hart. Yawn...

An obvious question for this Sunday after last night's All-Star Saturday Night fiasco.

"Is the NBA Dunk Contest Dead?"

Judging by the reaction on Twitter to the various dunks, it sure is. Let's look at a sample:

@JohnHollinger - Real winner of the dunk contest was Iman Shumpert, who at the last minute avoided having to be associated with it.

@teamziller - I miss the days when Serge Ibaka rescued teddy bears with his teeth.

@jeskeets - Derrick, you're not even close, man. #SMH

@basquiatball: I texted "This sucks" to the number

@netw3rk - Oh good! Skits! Now we just need props!

And on and on...

And let's be realistic. This was hardly a phenomenal affair. DeMar DeRozan even tweeted that he left to go for a walk.

But for those who think tonight was an abomination, I have to ask what other options there are.

Sure it would be great to see "non-prop" dunks, but haven't we seen most of these? I get the feeling that if there were no props and gimmicks, the contest instead of producing outrage, would produce yawns.

I mean Jeremy Evans lept over a full grown man (albeit not an NBA player), and the NBA Twitter community uttered "cool, but think I need another beer."

Seriously though - HE JUMPED OVER SOMEONE.

I'm all for more dunks like Evans' "two-balls-at-once" jam, my fave of the night, but I'm just not sure there are that many options left out there. NBA players have such a ridiculous athleticism now, that the only way to save the contest, might be to raise the rim.