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RaptorsHQ Lunchbox Links for February 24, 2012 - NBA All-Star Weekend Edition

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Well, it's All-Star Weekend in the NBA so thought for today's edition of Lunch Box Links, we'd bust out some All-Star related links, starting with a primer for tonight's rookie-sophomore match-up via

Next, well, how about a full overview of the weekend via SB Nation's "What to Watch" post.

And considering some of the contestants this year, perhaps SB Nation's "How to Enjoy the Worst Events of the Weekend" article is something you should read immediately after "What to Watch."

One of the weekend's main features every year is the dunk contest and while this year it will likely no different, it's pretty hard to get as excited about this one as others from years past. (Especially without Ivan Shumpert jumping over Jeremy Lin, chilling on a couch.)

But that doesn't mean the contest will rank amongst the worst of all time.

Check out some of the best, and worst, NBA Dunk Competitions in NBA All-Star Weekend History here.

The All-Star break though doesn't just signify dunks, three-point shooting competitions and NBA players trying to pull off terrible outfits, it also means the season's unofficial halfway point and thus grades, grades and more grades!

We'll start with an overall look as The Basketball Jones checks in with their mid-season awards.

Moving to the Raptors, we've got grades from The Toronto Sun's Ryan Wolstat, and National Post's Eric Koreen submits his marks for the team, including an A for Rasual Bulter!

(Ok...not really.)

One of his top grades was handed out to Jose Calderon, and it's hard to argue considering Jose's play, especially of late. That's one of the reasons the Globe and Mail's Jeff Blair notes that the Raps may be better served in keeping Calderon around next season, despite the numerous calls GM Bryan Colangelo seems to be getting for Jose's services.

Finally, let's tie this edition up on an All-Star and Raptors' note as DeMar DeRozan is fine with missing out on this year's dunk contest, one he thinks has become way too "prop-oriented."

Hard to disagree after last year so good decision on DeMar's part.

Now if we could just get him to raise some of those "D" grades he's been receiving...