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Andrea Bargnani not in Running for Andrea Bargnani Award

One of my favourite NBA columns each season is Hickory High's "Anti Awards" post.

It's a look at players who...well...aren't likely to win any of the usual awards that are handed out when the season comes to a close, and more importantly, aren't exactly helping their teams in various areas.

In the past, the Toronto Raptors have been featured in these awards, with Andrea Bargnani going so far as to have an entire award named after him.

But not this year.

At the halfway point of the season, Bargs is actually getting some props for his early season play, and there's nary a Raptor to be found in Hickory High's halfway point update.

But that doesn't mean there aren't some pretty ugly individual performances, my favourite being the Darrick Martin award, named after the former Raptor, with Austin Daye shooting a blazer 30.5 per cent from the field.

And we all thought DeMar DeRozan was struggling with his shot this year!