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Vote for the Top Jordan Brand 'Fly-Through' Play!

With All-Star weekend around the corner and nary a Raptor participating in the main events this year, we thought we'd jump in on something the SB Nation mothership is currently running; a post featuring some of the top 'fly-through' plays made by Jordan Brand athletes over the past while.

What's a 'fly-through play' you ask?

Well it could be a player gliding through the sky on D, timing the perfect shot block, swatting it out of the arena.

Or it could be something more aggressive, like a dunk in traffic over a number of opponents.

Better yet, we'll let the Raptors' James Johnson demonstrate:

All clear?

So click here to jump over to see the top plays as selected by SB Nation's basketball editors and vote for your favourite!

(And yes...the inclusion of the above dunk was a little extra salt to rub into the wounds of Pistons' fans this morning.)