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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Feb. 17

On this holiday Friday, if you're a reader in Ontario that is, it is still going to be dubbed a light night of games but we do have our resident Ivy League game that includes Laurent Rivard and Harvard while on the ladies side we have the Canadian contingent at Canisius ...

Here is where the men are playing today ...

7:00pm Brown @ Harvard - Laurent Rivard did replicate his great back-to-back weekend from two weeks ago last week but he could do it for this weekend.

7:00pm Cornell @ Penn

And here is where the ladies are playing today ...

7:00pm Harvard @ Brown

7:00pm Fairfield @ Niagara

7:00pm Marist @ Canisius - Ah, Canisius playing again means that there is a chance that any of five Canadians can come up big tonight. I'm betting my pair of Canucks in this game will be Jamie Ruttle on the shooting end and Jen Lennox on the glass.

7:00pm Manhattan @ Siena

7:00pm Loyola (MD) @ St. Peter's