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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Feb. 12

To wind down week 14 of NC-Double-Eh action, we have a few games that feature Detroit's Jason Calliste and Stanford's Dwight Powell while on the women's side we have the Canadian quintent at Canisius and Katherine Plouffe and Marquette plus more right here ...

Here is where the men are playing today ...

1:00pm Illinois @ Michigan

1:00pm Green Bay @ Detroit - In his last five games, Detroit's Jason Calliste has hit for double figures four out five times and has been steady in the starting lineup. He's had his role lessen somewhat this season with the emergence of backcourt mates Ray McCallum and Chase Simon but he's always capable to putting up some numbers if the latter two are having off games.

2:00pm Binghamton @ Hartford

3:00pm Bradley @ Missouri State

4:30pm St. Francis (NY) @ LIU Brooklyn

7:00pm Marist @ Iona

7:30pm Stanford @ USC - In another down season in the now PAC-12, Stanford has lost four of their last five games and could be seeing their season slip away. The good news is that Dwight Powell was inserted into the starting lineup in that span and has been playing solidly. After working his way back into the regular rotation from an early season injury, he's been averaging a respectable 7 points, 5 rebounds in 18.8 minutes per game through his last five. I don't expect this to be a great game but it would be a good one to check out if you want to see how Powell's progressed this year.

8:00pm Evansville @ Drake

And here is where the women are playing today ...

12:00pm Fairfield @ Loyola (MD)

1:00pm Penn State @ Northwestern

2:00pm Delaware @ Georgia State

2:00pm Siena @ Marist

2:00pm Canisius @ St. Peter's - The Canisius Canadian Connection is in action so do you really want to miss this? It should be interesting to see who plays big today.

2:30pm Iowa State @ Texas Tech

2:30pm Marquette @ DePaul - Marquette's Plouffe twin Katherine had a monster game against Pittsburgh last Saturday going for 19 points, 15 rebounds, 6 assists and a block in 36 minutes. Pushing a near triple-double in her last time on the floor and having a week long rest from action should mean that we get her A game today but DePaul will be looking to start another Golden Eagles losing streak. This should be a great contest to watch.

3:00pm Houston @ Memphis

3:30pm Northeastern @ Towson

3:30pm West Virginia @ Notre Dame

4:30pm Niagara @ Iona