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Game Day Thread: Boston Celtics vs. Toronto Raptors

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February 10, 2012

TSN - 7:00 PM EST

We've previewed this one.

Talked to "the enemy."

And there's nothing left to do except play the game.

Yep, the C's are coming off a tough loss last night to the LA Lakers, but I'm expecting another ugly affair tonight as the Raps face one of the league's most experienced and prepared teams and still don't have Andrea Bargnani.

And now don't have Jerryd Bayless.

So you can see, not exactly easy to be optimistic about this one. However DeMar DeRozan has shown some signs of life of late and perhaps we finally see the complete package from players like Amir Johnson and Ed Davis, two players who simply have to perform at a higher level on a more consistent basis.

If that occurs, then hopefully us fans will be spared another 30 point spanking and wondering things like, "why isn't Alabi playing?"