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Raptors Final Score - Clippers 102 - Raptors 83 - Fourth Quarter Woes Do Dinos In Again

For three quarters this looked like a potential big win for the Toronto Raptors, and an end to their nine-game road losing streak. And then the fourth quarter happened...

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite what the final score says, this was a close game.

For three quarters the Toronto Raptors matched the LA Clippers' aggressiveness, and looked like a much improved team following Friday night's abomination.

The Clippers held a two-point lead with 8:52 remaining, and Raptors fans were bracing for another tight game.

The sequence of events that followed is something I would like to erase from my memory after today. It was as if someone hit a switch, and the Raptors became a completely different team. They stopped going hard to the bucket, and started settling for jumpers on every possession. They played with very little effort on defense, leading to open 3, after open 3, after open 3.

The Clippers bench, who played nearly the entire fourth quarter, went on a 21-4 run, and the game suddenly became a blowout, a 102 to 83 LA win in fact. The Clippers second unit completely out-played the Raptors' first unit in a fourth quarter that described Toronto's season thus far.

Another frustrating loss brings the Raps record down to 4-17, and gives BC yet another reason to make some serious changes to his team. Colangelo appeared during the broadcast actually to discuss the team's woes, and while he restated his unhappiness with the current situation, he made a point to emphasize that he did not feel there was a talent issue behind the club's horrific start to the season.

The Raptors next game is tomorrow night in Portland.