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Toronto Raptors vs Utah Jazz - Game-Day Thread - Not THESE Guys Again!

We all remember what happened last time these teams met up...

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE


December 7, 2012

TSN - 9:00 PM EST

Unfortunately none of our HQ team will be on the liveblog tonight thanks to good ol' Christmas commitments, but this doesn't mean I won't be watching with much interest.

And it doesn't mean you guys can't fire away in the gamethread below as usual, or even hop over to our boys at SLC Dunk to see what Jazz fans are saying about the match-up.

As Chris Walder noted this AM in his preview, this is a bit of a key match.

Not because Toronto needs to win this to make the playoffs, or some other factual mark of the sort, but because the team is in the midst of a pretty dreadful losing spiral, has been attached to a litany of trade rumours, and is stuck on the road. How they respond tonight to a Utah Jazz team that was perhaps the season's original "Dino-heartbreakers," will tell us a lot about the club's fight, and likely goes a long way towards painting a picture of the remainder of the season.

I've got a feeling Bargnani goes off for 35 points and with the Jazz potentially missing a few key guys tonight, perhaps the club sneaks out a win.

That seems unlikely based on recent performance but hey, that's why they play the games right?