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Raptors vs Nuggets Gameday Thread: Dinos Start Off Road Trip in Denver

Prepare for the West. The Raptors begin their western road trip in Denver, as they take on the struggling Nuggets.


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December 3, 2012
TSN2 - 9:00 PM EST

The Denver Nuggets are simply a better version of the Toronto Raptors.

Instead of Kyle Lowry they have Ty Lawson, a similar player but better offensive weapon.

Replacing Bargnani in the role of good-offensive-European-with-little-interest-in-defense is Danilo Ganillari, their current scoring leader.

Evan Fournier replaces Terrence Ross, Mcgee for JV, and Faried for big Ed.

I could go on and on, but I don't want to dim the mood in Raptor-town because after all, we're undefeated in December.

This is a tough match up for the Dinos, but due to the Nuggets recent struggles, there is legitimate hope for a win in Raptor-land.

The Nuggets are coming off an 0-3 road trip, dragging their record down to 8-9, which - as a Raptors fan - doesn't sound so bad.

It'll be tough, but the Raps look to get their second win in a row, as they visit Colorado to face the Nuggets tonight.