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Magic vs Raptors - Game-Day Thread: The Hottest Teams in the East Square Off!

Two teams with four-game winning streaks on the line, square off tonight at the ACC.



Orlando Magic vs Toronto Raptors
December 21, 2012
TSN - 7:00 PM EST

So somehow a game tonight between the team that everyone thought would finish with the worst record in the league, Orlando, and the team that looked to be headed in that direction just over a week ago, Toronto, is the most heavily anticipated match of the season.

And I'm stuck at a family Christmas party.

Ok, so I'm exaggerating a bit.

No, this isn't quite the most anticipated match of the year, but it does pit two teams that have won four-straight games, against each other, the best streak in the East currently.

But YES, I do have to attend a family bash at my Aunt's place and will likely miss the bulk of this game.

Luckily our ace reporter Scott Campsall will be jumping in on the fun here and there, live from the ACC, where I've asked him to follow around Ed Davis to see why he's basically a different player this year.

Ok...not really...but Scott and I are putting together a little piece on Ed talking to various teammates and coaches which we should have up on the site in the coming weeks.

In any event, this should be an interesting match as the Raps have been playing well, but haven't had the toughest competition of late, and while the Magic are no Thunder, they're no Pistons or Cavs either, so perhaps tonight's game will give us a true view of just how this team plays minus Mr. Lowry (out again) and Mr. Primo Pasta.