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Pistons vs Raptors - GameDay Thread: Can Toronto Win Four Straight?

Raptors have won three straight. The Pistons have lost five straight. Something's gotta give.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE


December 19, 2012
Sportsnet - 7:00 PM EST

Can the Raps grab four in a row?

That's the big question as the Detroit Pistons roll into town tonight for a game that pits two teams with only seven wins on the season.

The difference is that one team, Toronto, is on a roll of late, playing the style that saw them surprise clubs last season despite lacking upper tier talent.

Detroit on the other hand, can't seem to get it together. They started the season losing eight straight, then played about .500 ball for a while, but of late, have fallen back in a hole, losing five straight including a recent 88 to 76 loss to the LA Clippers.

With another winnable game against the Magic looming Friday, this is a great opportunity for Toronto to continue to dig itself out of the massive hole it's found itself in to start this season.

We've previewed this one already, let's get to it.