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Raptors Final Score: Raptors Win Third Straight, Beat Cavs 113 - 99

The Raptors played a solid 48 minutes, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers and winning their third straight game in the process.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Is this the same team that lost five road games in a row only about a week ago?

Not so much as again, the Toronto Raptors rolled out a balanced attack, winning their third straight match and snapping a dreadful road losing streak in the process.

Jose Calderon led the way again, completely reinvigorated as the team's starting PG once more, dropping in a team-high 23 points while dishing out six assists and grabbing five rebounds. His play once again paved the way for a Raptors share-a-thon, one that resulted in 25 box score assists, and many other opportunities created thanks to forays to the hoop.

Jose wasn't perfect though, he turned the ball over four times and was torched by Kyrie Irving late (actually, the entire Raptors team was), but he had lots of help on this night.

Amir Johnson had 17 unexpected points and made play after play that was best described like this in a tweet by the Raptors' head of analytics, Alex Rucker:

RT @Alex_Rucker: Stuff that matters on a basketball court that isn't measured on the box score? Amir does that.

And with the entire Raps bench crew joining in the fun, from John Lucas to Alan Anderson, the Cavs just didn't have the horses to compete on this night.

Raptors MVP: Jose Calderon

Tough call as Amir Johnson, as noted, was dynamite, and Alan Anderson was everywhere. But Jose's uber-efficient shooting gave the Cavs fits and he probed Cleveland's D to create many an opportunity for his teammates. He set the tone, and Amir helped it carry over into that crucial second unit.

Honorable Mention: Alan Anderson

No question Anderson needs to get some love here too. 18 points, six rebounds (FOUR of which were offensive) and some huge clutch shots and D. He was indeed the glue guy and so far this season, he looks much more like a poor man's Shane Battier than Landry Fields.

Fields actually returned to action tonight but didn't sniff a second of playing time. We'll see if he gets some run tomorrow night against the Pistons.

Raptors LVP: Mickael Pietrus

Not that Pietrus was awful but he was just sort of invisible on the night. 16 minutes, three points, blanks pretty much everywhere else.

Comment of the Night: Via hotfuzz

Give me comment of the night Adam.

I'll buy you beer.

Best & Worst Jack/Matt Quotes

Too many to choose from on the night but:

Jack: (Discussing the upcoming Red Party) "I was chilling with Drake!"

Matt: "You thought it was 'Dre!"


Matt: "Three wins, that's the longest streak in the East right now and the Raptors have two!!"

Also, any reference to Alan Anderson as the "Everywhere Man" and randomly, Jack informing us that the song playing in the background during one time-out, was the jeopardy theme song.

Most bizarre moment:

John Lucas III getting pushed repeatedly by Kyrie Irving on a drive, and then called for a technical foul.

Final - 12.18.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Toronto Raptors 22 27 29 35 113
Cleveland Cavaliers 29 24 23 23 99

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That's a wrap for tonight all, we do it all again tomorrow night as Toronto takes on Detroit.

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