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Game Day Thread: Raptors vs Cavs - Can Toronto Grab A Third Straight Win?

The Toronto Raptors are in Cleveland tonight looking for a third straight win. And for an extra boost? Landry Fields is back...



Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

December 18, 2012

TSN - 7:00 PM EST

A third straight win?


The Toronto Raptors are in Cleveland tonight to face the Cavs and yes, somehow a team that's only won six games in 25 tries, is looking for a third straight win tonight!

And even though playing the equally inept 5 and 20 Cavs looks like a great way to ensure a trifecta in the recent victory column, this Cavs team is no slouch, and played the bulk of their season so far minus superstar sophomore (and ahem, former Blue Devil) Kyrie Irving. Irving and big man/wrecking ball Anderson Varejao will ensure the Dinos have their hands full and if Cleveland can get some hot shooting from the likes of Dion Waiters and contributions from the likes of Tristan Thompson, this could be a back-and-forth affair.

Luckily Landry Fields is making his return to push this one in the Raps' favour!

Ok...that was sarcasm but indeed, Fields will finally be available tonight and I'm guessing will see a token amount of playing time. He's noted that his shot feels way better now that his arm has healed up, so we'll see if there's any signs of Bryan Colangelo's off-season investment starting to come around.