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Raptors Final Score: Terrible Second Half Results In 94-88 Nets Win

With Lowry, Bargnani and Amir out of tonight's game, the Raptors looked like a completely different team out there. Therefore, here at Raptorshq we decided we'd switch things up as well. Instead of the usual rapid recap, we're handing out some awards for tonight's game.


The Toronto Raptors were severely undermanned against the Brooklyn Nets this evening, but based on the Dinos' first half play, you wouldn't have known it.

After a first half that included great ball movement and stifling defense, the Raptors were up eight on the Nets at half time. The Nets seemed stunned, the Raptors were clearly excited, and Raptors fans were wondering whether the squad could keep up the intensity.

They couldn't.

The Raptors completely ran out of steam in the second half, as injuries to key players finally caught up to them, and they were outscored 57-43 in the final half.

Raptors MVP: Ed Davis

Just a few days after being publicly called out by GM Brian Colangelo, Ed Davis made sure to prove that his effort isn't a problem. He played with incredible effort and grit tonight, resulting in 24 points, 12 rebounds, and some incredible defensive plays. He may be the backup PF per say, but he made a convincing case to Casey for more minutes, and even the starting gig when Bargnani does return.

Raptors LVP: Mickael Pietrus

Although Pietrus played solid defense on Gerald Wallace, that was pretty much all he did well tonight. In 28 minutes he was 2-8 from the floor and 0-5 on threes. He also had 2 rebounds and 1 assist. I'll translate that for you. He had yet another terrible shooting night, and brought his total season assist total to two. As well, despite being being a 6-6 SF, he recorded just 2 rebounds. Dominic Mcguire would be embarrassed by this kind of production. Definitely deserving of least valuable player.

Best comment: Via yellowalman

"These season feels like ground hog day. Basically jus repeating the same game over and over agian. Exactly the same thing every time regardless of our opponent."

Best/Worst Leo & Matt quotes

Matt: "The Raptors hold a lead in their longest homestand of the year. A three gamer!"

Leo: "Aaron Gray says FEED ME. He waits and says FEED ME."

Leo: "A haircut always works. Always gets you back on track. Makes you lighter."

Most bizarre moment:

Referee Courtney Kirkland tried to block Kris Humphries. Instead, he hit him in the face. Well done ref.


At half time, Leo and Matt spat out some news about the Raptors injuries. Here's the brief version of what they announced:

Kyle Lowry: Partial tear in right triceps. Expected to be out for 10 days.

Andrea Bargnani: Ligament tear in right elbow; strained right wrist. Out indefinitely.

Alan Anderson: Participating in full team practice tomorrow, expected to return to game action on Friday.

Landry Fields: Going to see doctor tomorrow. Timetable unknown.

The Raptors next game is Friday night in the ACC, against the Mavs. We'll be blogging live as usual, so be sure to come join in on the chat.

Final - 12.12.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Brooklyn Nets 20 17 31 26 94
Toronto Raptors 27 18 19 24 88

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