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Raptors vs Blazers Gameday Thread: Dinos Look To End Road Trip on a Good Note

Whew, the road trip is almost over. Tonight marks the end of a brutal five game road trip, that has resulted in nothing more than our Raptors losing in frustrating fashion. Will things change tonight? Stay up late to find out...

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Portland Trailblazers vs Toronto Raptors

December 10, 2012

TSN2 - 10:00 PM EST

Just one day after a complete fourth quarter meltdown in the Staples Center, the Raptors have made the trip from LA to Portland, with the hopes of avoiding returning to T.O empty handed.

This recent stretch has been a tough one for the Raptors, as in each of their previous four games they've been within striking distance in the fourth quarter, but couldn't come out on top.

Good teams win the close games, and frankly, the Raptors aren't a good team.

But on a positive note, the Blazers aren't a very good team either. Key injuries to Nicolas Batum and Wesley Matthews have resulted in major struggles offensively as of late. They've averaged just 86 ppg in their past two games, both of which they lost, including a 16 point beating at the hands of the lowly Wizards.

As Adam pointed out in the morning preview, this is the perfect time for the Raptors to face this Trail Blazers squad.

Could the Raptors have finally have caught a break? It appears so.

We'll see if the Raptors can take advantage of the injuries, as they face Portland tonight in the Rose Garden.



- On Sportsnet's "Primetime Sports" today, Brian Colangelo said that if the right deal was presented to him, he would be open to trading Andrea Bargnani (not exact words). We had all assumed this was the case, but it was nice hearing it from the man himself.

- In last night's interview BC ripped Ed Davis' effort, and the teams overall focus, so it'll be interesting to see how the Raptors respond as a group tonight.