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Gameday Thread: Raptors Look To Get Back on Track vs Struggling Pistons

After losing two nail biters back-to-back, the Raptors look to take advantage of a soft spot in the schedule, and beat the struggling Pistons.

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November 23, 2012

TSN2 - 7:30 PM EST

After back-to-back tough losses, many Raptors fans are very upset at their squad, and there was even some tanking chatter in the HQ comment section.

Raptors fans, you need to take a collective deep breath, and take a look at what the teams record doesn't tell you.

Yes the Dinos are 3-9, but they could just as easily be 9-3. In all but three of their losses, the Raptors have been within 5 points in the fourth quarter, but failed to come out on top.

As well, in 5 of the Raptors 9 losses they were up by 10 or more during the game, but couldn't hold on for the win.

Many of the individual performances have also been very impressive. DeRozan is playing the best basketball of his career, JV is proving he deserved that top 5 selection, and Lowry is restoring our faith that Colangelo can make a good move, after all.

Obviously the Dinos have had their struggles, such as closing out close games and playing very streaky basketball, but when examining the start to this young season, you've gotta look at the whole picture: the Raptors are one heck of a 3-9 team.

Despite being a good team, when the season comes to a close their record is all that matters. The Raptors need to start winning the winnable games, and with just two of the Raptors next eight opponents over .500, there are more winnable games than you'd think.

The third stop of their road trip is Detroit's 'The Palace', as the Raps take on the 2-10 Pistons, and look to get back on track with a big win.