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Utah Jazz vs Toronto Raptors - Game-Day Thread



November 12, 2012

Sportsnet One - 7:00 PM EST

No Lowry.

No Anderson.

No Fields.

And a player whose last NBA start came nearly a year ago for a different team, yes, gets the nod in the top five tonight.

It's Dominic McGuire and friends versus the Utah Jazz this evening at the ACC, and with Toronto coming off a third straight loss, it's hard to be too optimistic about this one.

The Jazz are only 3 and 4 themselves, but look like a club that could surprise a few folks in the West this season. They may be without point guard Mo Williams tonight so maybe the Raps catch a break there, but there's not too much to be positive about after that.

Simply put, the club needs a W and with a lot of road games on the horizon, tonight is as good a time as any to put one in the win column.