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Rapid Recap: Raptors Forget to Play Second Quarter, Lose 93 - 83 to 76ers

After an excellent first quarter the Toronto Raptors took their collective feet off the gas, scored only seven points in the second quarter, and lost their third straight, 93 to 83.

It was only 48 minutes, but it felt like much longer.

For the second night in a row the Toronto Raptors decided not to show up for a quarter, and dug themselves into a hole they couldn’t come back from.

The end result was a 93 to 83 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Tonight it was the second quarter that killed them, and they played really terribly. Not just terrible, horrendous, dreadful, hideous! You get it, it was bad. The Philadelphia 76ers outscored the Raptors 32-7 in the second quarter, and finished the second half with a 52-33 lead. The Raptors were chipping away at the lead for the rest of the game, but came up short once again down the stretch.

A few positives and negatives from tonight’s game:


Due to a sprained left foot, Alan Anderson left the game in the third quarter and did not return. The Raptors depth at SF has become laughable.

The bench. In 70 total minutes played, the Raptors bench scored just 12 points, and was a combined -61. The 76ers bench on the other hand scored 28 points, and was a combined +70.


Bargnani clearly put much more effort towards rebounding tonight, and scored the way we’re used to seeing from him.

The Raptors once again showed the ability to fight back, as they cut a 17 point lead to seven in the late minutes of the game.


....that's about it.

Lots of soul searching after this loss I'm sure, and we'll be breaking it down in full tomorrow, as Scott was there via media access to take in the L.

The Raptors next game is Monday night, vs. the Jazz, and we'll be live again, hopefully chatting about a much different result.

Final - 11.10.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Philadelphia 76ers 20 32 17 24 93
Toronto Raptors 26 7 29 21 83

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