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Video - RaptorsHQ Talks to Landry Fields at Raptors' Media Day 2012-13

RaptorsHQ Talks to Landry Fields at Raptors' Media Day 2012

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

One of the players we were most excited to talk to at Media Day 2012 was newcomer Landry Fields.

Fields dates model Elaine Alden, let Jeremy Lin infamously sleep on his couch before Lin blew up last year with the Knicks, is likely the club's starting small forward when the season begins, and is the owner of probably the team's most contentious financial obligation.

So indeed, he's a player we were keen to have a long chat with come Media Day.

Unfortunately as you can see below, we had some sound quality issues with this video, and it's not on par with the other work we were able to do on Media Day.

However that didn't stop HQ team member Scott Campsall from asking Fields which Raptor might play the part of Jeremy Lin this year, and indeed, sleep on Mr. Fields' couch.

Here was his response, in our abridged version of their talk: