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Video - RaptorsHQ Talks to Quincy Acy at Raptors' Media Day 2012-13

RaptorsHQ Talks to Quincy Acy at Raptors' Media Day 2012-13.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Quincy Acy is going to be one of the most interesting players to watch this season.

He's a rookie, but his potential as an energy booster and defensive pest off the pine means he could see more time than many would expect. Position-wise, he's stuck playing behind a number of big men like Andrea Bargnani and Ed Davis, but you just get the feeling he's going to make enough of a mark to grab some playing time.

Especially if he plays like his idol, Kevin Garnett.

From the National Post's Eric Koreen:

Starting out, my favourite player was Kevin Garnett, just because of his intensity. I love the mindset of Kevin Garnett. My favourite player after that is Amar'e Stoudemire. Just the dunks and all of that: As a young guy coming into the league, he was dunking everything. That's what I try to base my game off of: dunking. It's a mixture: KG and Amar'e.

When the HQ's Scott Campsall talked to Acy at this past Media Day though, KG wasn't a topic of discussion.

Instead, it was about some of Quincy's electronic hobbies...