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Video - RaptorsHQ talks to Terrence Ross at Raptors' Media Day 2012-13

Raptors HQ talks to rookie Terrence Ross at the team's annual Media Day.

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

We keep hearing that there are some pretty big characters on this latest incarnation of the Toronto Raptors, and considering some of the video we've already done with the likes of Aaron Gray and Jonas Valanciunas, that's probably no big surprise.

When HQ scribe Scott Campsall talked to Raptors' rookie Terrence Ross this past Monday at the team's annual Media Day, he confirmed this and detailed a few more folks that crack him up.

He also got into the online video game rivalry that he and fellow rookie Quincy Acy seem to have.

From Acy's twitter account:

Now I kno im real on COD but never would I have thought my teammates (@T_DotFlight31 & @landryfields ) would be scared of this Call of Duty


Call of Duty flow wit @FreddyE3@bobocrazy11 and @CoryJay34 bout to show these youngins wats good

Sure enough, in Scott's chat with Ross, the former Husky agrees that Acy bests him at Call of Duty, although Acy can't hang when it comes to 2K: