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Video - RaptorsHQ goes one-on-one with Aaron Gray

RaptorsHQ talks to Raptors' center Aaron Gray at the 2012-13 Media Day.

John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

When Aaron Gray was signed last season as a free-agent, it was one of the more popular moves amongst HQ readers.

Sure, Gray wasn't expected to be the next Dwight Howard, but for once, it meant the Raptors having a legitimate true center option - not Andrea Bargnani, or Amir Johnson posing as a 5, hell, not Loren Woods either!

And while Gray's per game point totals seemed paltry, 3.9 per match, his rebounding numbers were more than solid. 5.7 rebounds per game but over 36 minutes, Gray grabbed 12.4 and he had the league's third-best rebounding rate behind Dwight Howard and Marcus Camby.

Not too shabby for a player that the Raps grabbed again this year for only about $2.5 million bucks.

At Media Day, the HQ's Scott Campsall caught up with Gray and talked to him about the club's fortunes this season, team chemistry, and most importantly, his "beard-off" with teammate Quincy Acy: