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Video - RaptorsHQ recaps Raptors Media Day 2012-13

RaptorsHQ recaps Media Day.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

Day 1 of training camp in Halifax has come and gone, but here at RaptorsHQ, we're still thinking about this past Monday's media extravaganza. Our HQ video crew has been working non-stop, editing and uploading the footage from the event and at last we're ready to release it to the masses.

We'll start with a recap of the event from the perspective of Kinnon Yee, better known as Vicious D to most of us on the site, and his partner in crime on Monday, Scott Campsall. (Looking sharp Kinnon.)

They talk a bit about the vibe from the event, some of the main things that got their attention, as well as provide a bit of a summary of how things unfolded. You may recall that with last year's lock-out shortened season, Media Day 2011-12 was a lot more impromptu as suddenly the season was upon us after what looked like perhaps a lost campaign.

This year things weren't quite as chaotic which enabled our fearless duo to get some great one-on-one coverage of the event.

Here then is our summary video, with interviews featuring Aaron Gray, John Lucas III and Jonas Valanciunas to follow...