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Video - Raptors' John Lucas is the Most Interesting Man in the NBA

RaptorsHQ presents John Lucas III - The most interesting man in the NBA...

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

John Lucas III.

Sure, he's one of the Raptors' key off-season acquisitions, and a player who's already had a huge impact for the team this pre-season.

The point guard is a former Baylor and Oklahoma State product, who hit the game-winning shot against St. Joe's in the 2004 NCAA tourney that sent his OK State club to the Final Four.

He's played the game of basketball in nearly every conceivable league across the globe, and of course, he filled in admirably for the Chicago Bulls last season while Derrick Rose was out.

But what do we REALLY know about John Lucas?

We spent some time with him recently and quickly learned that there was way more to John than the facts above, and as a result, decided to put together a little video montage to truly do John Lucas III, the man, the legend, justice.

RaptorsHQ presents John Lucas III - the Most Interesting Man in the NBA...