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Lunchbox Links - Raptors 2012-13 NBA Media Day Edition

The HQ brings you all the best news and stories from yesterday's annual Raptors' Media Extravaganza

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Happy Raptors' Training Camp everyone.

Yep, the team is currently in Halifax getting their 2012-13 season underway on the country's East Coast. In fact, as I type this, I'm guessing Coach Casey has the troops performing some pretty arduous physical fitness work if my conversation with John Lucas and his agent on Saturday are any indication of things.

But yesterday was the team's annual media day so before we get too far into Training Camp news and notes, let's see what the media was saying about yesterday's extravaganza.

We'll start with's Eric Smith, who yesterday went one-on-one with every single member of the team.

We'll then move onto the big feature yesterday, Jonas Valanciunas, the hope of Raptors fans' everywhere, as Michael Grange notes. The National Post's Eric Koreen talks Jonas as well, and surprisingly, he didn't work a Weezer reference in!

Next up on the Jonas tip,'s Tim Chisholm, likening Big Val's potential to that of a Joakim Noah, while's Kevin Nielsen touches on Val as one of the ingredients in Dwane Casey's very diverse stew.

The stew needs to result in more wins though, something Raptors' President and GM Bryan Colangelo was very adamant about yesterday. He noted that this season is all about winning, but for the full breakdown of "BC unplugged," check Mr. Koreen's breakdown here.

Koreen also touches on five big stories for Raptors' fans to follow before the season begins, and the Star's Cathal Kelly brings us a great profile of Dwane Casey, and his path to the University of Kentucky.

More Raptors previews?

Right here, as SB Nation looks at the paths to the playoffs for both the Dinos and the Wizards, and the Raps' potential upside this season.

And finally, a little HQ humour.

Check the first few comments from this link,an SI one that discusses Rajon Rondo's claim that only five teams are playing for the NBA title next season.