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Survey - Media Coverage and the NBA Lockout

One of the HQ's readers takes a look at the impact of media and the NBA lock-out.

Neilson Barnard

Everyone remember the NBA lock-out?

I'm guessing you do.

How did the media influence your opinion of it?

It's a topic that one of our readers, wants your assistance with, for some work he's doing for his scholastic program.

Sean Embrey-Stine is examining the effect of media coverage of the NBA lockout on fan perception of the labor dispute, for his Senior Seminar and a Senior Thesis Project at Occidental College (and potentially for publication in an academic outlet.)

Yep, pretty interesting work, not to mention a topic I wish I had taken a look at during my J-School stint!

It's a voluntary survey, but it would be great if everyone could take 10-15 minutes to help Sean out, and if you do, you'll entered into a draw for a 50 dollar NBA Store gift certificate!

Now what could be easier than that?

To start the survey, simply click here and you're off!