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Raptors Media Day 2012-2013 - Coming to you Live from the ACC!

Raptors HQ heads down with their group of writers, photographers and videographers. Join Kinnon Yee and Scott Campsall as they go in to get all the scoops from this year's Media Day

Raptors HQ, Kinnon Yee

We're here at the Air Canada Centre on Media Day, and we'll be looking to deliver some updates as the event rolls along. Look for us to upload video and images after the day is done.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions for questions. We've got a lot, and I know some of them are hard hitting, but I doubt we'll get anything more than standard answers for questions like "What are you expecting back for a Jose Calderon trade?" (and Colangelo doesn't talk about rumours or trades anyways)

Just to get the juices going, we've got a poll up.