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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Jan. 8

With a lighter day, there are still some games you need to catch like Devoe and Olu and their Oregon Ducks taking on California and NC State and Alex Johnson taking on Maryland and we have some ladies in action too ...

Remember that you can find the full list of players playing in Division 1 right here.

1:00pm Niagara @ Siena

2:00pm Columbia @ Elon

2:00pm Iona @ Marist

2:00pm Rider @ St. Peter's

3:00pm Binghamton @ Boston University

4:00pm Butler @ Detroit

6:00pm Purdue @ Minnesota

6:00pm Maryland @ NC State - In the last five NC State wins, Alex Johnson is averaging 7.4 points and 4.2 assists off the bench and is looking more like one of the key pieces for this Wolfpack team heading into the conference schedule.

7:30pm California @ Oregon - This past Thursday in the 78-67 win against Stanford, Devoe Joseph had a career high 30 points which included 9-of-15 from the field and 5 threes. He's been shooting the lights out all season so this shouldn't be a surprise. Let's see what he does for an encore against Cal today. By the way, Olu Ashaolu is averaging 12 points and 7.3 rebounds in his last three games.

8:00pm Virginia Commonwealth @ Drexel

And here's where the ladies are playing today ...

1:00pm Binghamton @ Boston University

2:00pm Delaware @ George Mason

2:00pm Northwestern @ Indiana - Karly Roser has been the opening day starter for Northwestern in the backcourt and has been having a great season. In her last five games, she has stepped up her scoring averaging 9.8 while shooting over .500 from the floor also. She also averaged 3.8 in that stretch as well.

2:00pm Old Dominion @ Northeastern

3:00pm Colorado State @ Seattle U

3:00pm Houston @ Southern Miss

4:00pm Nebraska @ Iowa